60 million websites are testament to the power of WordPress – a content management system that, from simple roots as a blogging tool, has become the world’s leading web platform. Powering some of the world’s most influential and high-traffic websites, WordPress has cemented a reputation for stability and robust content publishing, while recent advances in the platform core have made it more customisable and dynamic than ever before. If a web designer dismisses WordPress as a blog tool I would recommend you stand up and walk out of the meeting. They’re trapped in 2006.

Beyond the interface, which makes managing your website as easy as using Microsoft Word, you have a flexible and beautifully coded platform with over 15000 plugins available to fulfil pretty much any custom functionality you can dream up. The WordPress open source community is active, vibrant and growing which means you won’t be left with an outdated legacy website that requires a complete re-code in a few years’ time.

I have developed over 100 WordPress websites, many for major brands, with excellent success. If you’re looking for a unique and customised website, built on the world’s foremost publishing platform, get in touch. These are the projects I love most.

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